If you have never see this movie I have to stop you there. 

This was my favorite movie when I was like 8. I am now 17 and I found it again on the internet, I watched it and I cried all my heart out like I have never cried for 4 years and I kinda had a panic attack.

This must be one of the most heartbreaking scene I have ever seen in movies. This cutie pie, Josh has lost his father and he his devastated. He doesn’t understand the world he is living in anymore. He’s shy, uncomfortable and has so many question but not enough strength to ask them.

Then he finds this dog who basically saves his life. He is a sunshine to his heart and they become best friends … There is a bound they are sharing together and it is just so powerful. 

And you have this motherfucking scene where Josh HAS to let Buddy go and you can see how hard it is for him. He doesn’t want to but he has to and Buddy does’t understand either why his master doesn’t want him anymore because he aslo could feel how close they were. So Josh throws him his ball and runs away, hoping Buddy will not be fast enough to go back to him … And Buddy cannot follow Josh and omfg I am so done with this scene.

This movie is called ‘Air Bud' and Kevin Zegers was just wonderful in it. I cannot wait to see him in City of Bones and I hope he will become something big because he is an amazing actor. 


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