Every that happens, happens by design and there is nothing we can do about it. Forces greater than us conspire to make it happen.

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No. Just no. Bullshit.

So this is a trend I’ve noticed on Tumblr lately, this “gif hunt” crap that people use as an excuse to go into a tag, take a bunch of stuff other people have done, then repost it (sometimes with an edit, sometimes without). Calling it a “gif hunt” suddenly makes it justifiable to them. Like they’re going into the Internet netherland and happen across these rare and never-before-seen gifs/art.

No. It’s taken from the tag, it’s taken from the same goddamn fandom they are regurgitating it back into. And this particular person has the amazing, jaw-dropping GALL to ask for POLITENESS while doing what is one of the rudest things you can fucking DO in a goddamn FANDOM.

A blanket ‘credit goes to the original creators’ does NOT make taking something someone has worked on, editing and reposting without their permission magically okay. This is NOT an ‘opt out’ situation. You fucking ask FIRST. Or you reblog. That’s what reblogging is FOR.

Is it so hard to be decent to each other? To show each other the same basic courtesy online you’d do in your day to day lives? I’m assuming these people wouldn’t go to an art gallery, take the paintings off the walls, then hang them up in their own art gallery with small edits then claim they “found” them on a “painting hunt”.

Some asshole on Tumblr started this “gif hunt” bullshit to give a more acceptable name to their lazy, poaching, reposting ass. How about we, collectively, decide we’re not going to buy into that bullshit and cut it out before it picks up any more steam. 


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I am a bunny. The Easter Bunny!

He’s not the kind you save. He’s the kind you stop.

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i really want to die right now. 

coldplay was in Paris and at Le Grand Journal and nO ONE TOLD ME


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Oh ym God you guys should see some asks we receive on H-D it’s hilarious

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